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2015 The Glasgow Art Club Prize, SSA 118th Open Exhibition

2014 Apache Award Aberdeen Artists’ Society Annual Open Exhibition

2013 The Lyon & Turnbull Award, Royal Glasgow Institute

2013 Runner-up for the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 

2013 The Tony and Maureen Toft Prize, SSA 116th Open Exhibition 

2012 The Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art, Exhibition Award

2011 The Bessie Scott Award, Paisley Art Institute 

2010 Shortlisted for The Barns Graham Travel Award, Royal Scottish Academy 

2009 Nairn Open Art Exhibition, Winner 

2009 Andrew Grant Award  – Cultural and Visual studies 

2008 Andrew Grant Award  – Cultural and Visual studies 

2007 Andrew Grant Award  – 1st Year studies 


 2012 Nairn Open Art                      2013 SSA                        2013 Jolomo                    

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