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Scottish Review 20 October 2021, "Hugh MacDiarmid: is a reassessment already underway?", Andrew Hook

Carluke & Lanark Gazette 29 September 2021, "Brownsbank years in focus", Julie Currie

Scottish Review 4 August 2021, "The literary once again co-exists with the visual", Andrew Hook

The National 19 February 2018, “Milestones go the imagination”, Susan Mansfield

The Herald 27 January 2018, “Walking the great poets' landscapes”, Jan Patience

The Times 19 January 2018, “Poetry and pictures become a stream of ideas and inspiration”, Giles Sutherland

The Herald 11 May 2015, “£8k Holyrood painting to be shown in parliament depicts ‘neutral’ political tone”, Phil Miller

Artists & Illustrators March 2015, “Talking techniques Ruth Nicol”, Terri Eaton

The Times 10 February 2015, “Vibrant and talented artist puts Scotland’s poets in their place”, Giles Sutherland

The Falkirk Herald 2/02/ February 2015, “Three Rivers Meet at Falkirk’s Park Gallery”, Chris McCall

The Herald 4 October 2014, “Politics and the land”, Jan Patience

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The Herald 10 March 2012,“Ruth Nicol: Traversed”, Sarah Urwin Jones

The Herald 24 Sept 2011, “Ruth Nicol, Leith in Winter”, Jan Patience

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The Skinny April 2011, “RSA New Contemporaries”, Emma Fyvie

Evening Times 27 April 2011, “The Art Of Being A Working Mum”, Kenneth Porteous

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The Skinny February 2010, “Meat Hook”, Ben Bennet

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